Monographs and books




  • Georgian Literature and the World Literary Process, 2015

  • Text and Chronotope – Tbilisi, Tbilisi University Press, 2010

  • Chronotope in Ilia Chavchavadze's Prose. Analysis of Five Novels. - Tbilisi, “Universally” Press, 2006;
     See English Version of the Summary

  • Chronotope in Anti-Utopian Novel. Towards the Interpretation of the Eschatological Anti-Utopia. – Tbilisi, Tbilisi University Press, 2005; See English Version of the Summary

Scientific Books:

  • Literary Theory. Schools, Trends, Directions. Vol. 1, 2016;

  • Totalitarianism and Literary Discourse. 20th Century Experience. Cambridge Scholars Publishing, Cambridge, 2012 (Co-author and Editor)

  • Georgian Literature of XVI-XVIII Centuries on the Crossroad of Eastern and Western Cultural and Literary Processes. - Tbilisi, "Universally" Press, 2012 ( Co-author and Editor)

  • Introduction to Literary Studies. - Tbilisi, GCLA Press, 2012 ( Co-author and Editor)

  • Plot and Subject – Tbilisi, Institute of Literature Press, 2011 

  • Literary Theory. XX Century Main Methodological Conceptions and Tendencies. – Tbilisi, Institute of  Literature Press, 2008 (Co-author and Editor)

  • Theory of Genre. – Tbilisi,  Institute of  LiteraturePress, 2009

Artistic Translations with Comments

  • 100 Old Japanese Verses. – Tbilisi," Siesta" Press, 2008

Publicist -Essayistic Book:

  • Japanese Dairies. Tbilisi, "Saari" Press, 2000




Monographs and books

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